Using Microfiber To Clean

New innovations and a better way to clean that can increase productivity and keep the cost of cleaning low, are continuously being introduced and used in the cleaning sector/industry.

Microfiber is an innovative option that is currently gaining some popularity across a lot of facilities and businesses.

Microfiber cleaning solutions/systems originally gained some widespread acceptance with the healthcare sector because they were more effective and efficient to use.

Since these can be beneficial to other sectors/markets, they are therefore being presently adopted by some other industries too.

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A Smart And Simplified System

A complete or full microfiber cleaning system/solution can generally clean much more efficiently than traditional tools/products.

A lot of floor cleaning products will contain some harsh chemicals that can damage the floor and/or harm the environment.

A microfiber solution will typically need less chemicals and water to clean, thereby reducing their impact on the environment.

Hence the need to frequently refinish floor surfaces will be reduced, and can lead to some better preservation of the floor and some savings in labor and costs.

The fact that some color-coded items/materials can be used with a microfiber system can also promote some effective cleaning practices too.

Some microfiber color-coded cloths include

Yellow cloths for bathrooms
Red or green cloths for general purposes
Blue cloths for reflective surfaces including glass

Microfiber chemical and hardware dispensing systems can also add/contribute to some increase in the overall well-being of workers and their efficiencies too.

Disposable microfiber mop pads and cleaning cloths can be used to minimize the risk of infection, they can also be used where there are no laundry facilities.
Providing Some Cost Savings And Safety

Direct labor costs generally account for over 60% of the total cost of contract cleaning, hence any product that can increase workers productivity will typically have some impact on each provider’s bottomline, says the marketing manager of Rubbermaid Commer. Products, Alison Kapp.

Cleaning staffs generally appreciate microfiber solutions, with such systems workers will typical need to maneuver some lighter loads and will also lift less too, according to Kapp.

Using microfiber for mopping can save some time, it can help the staff to reduce/minimize the frequency at which they may need to refill their cleaning chemicals, says Kapp.

Because microfiber materials can readily absorb and release their liquid content, they can therefore be used to mop up fast and may reduce/minimize the time it would generally take for surfaces to dry, thereby reducing the risk of slipping or falling.

Using a system/solution that is easy to maneuver can provide some cost savings by keeping the workers safe, says Kapp. This is particularly true in the cleaning industry where the efficient use of time is crucial and injury to the back is the most reported incident in the workplace, on the average, the workers’ compensation for back injury are about $24000 per claim.

Arched handles that are ergonomically designed should also be incorporated/added into the cleaning process too in order to help and keep the forearm and wrist bones of each user aligned for optimal maneuver and leverage, says Kapp

Such a design can contribute to some safer operation and reduce the possibility of injury.
Product Support

It is very important to review and evaluate the type of service or support that would generally come with any microfiber solution or system before it is chosen or selected.

In addition to this, users will also need to find or get manufacturers that can provide some training and site audits with their solutions too.

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