Solar Panel Cleaning Services

With the significant level of investment you are likely to have made in some solar panel units for your building or business, you should ideally not lose any part of their benefits through grime/dirt. Tree leaves, bird droppings and accumulated dirt can typically lead to some power loss in solar panels.

SEPA says/noted that PV (photovoltaic) electricity output can decline approximately by 10% if the solar unit is not provided with enough solar panel cleaning fixes (or cleanups) on a regular basis. A PV unit’s electricity generation can also decline to about 20% too where urban pollution and bird droppings are quite common, according to SEPA.

Dallas TX Janitorial Services can provide some effective solar panel cleaning services for different types of businesses throughout North Texas. Our employees are skilled/trained at handling and cleaning solar panels. We can help you to protect your investment through our services.

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