Restroom Acid Washing

Restroom acid washing is a service that Dallas TX Janitorial Services provides in an effort to keep your restrooms shining like new. The acid washing process removes hard water deposits from the inside and rim of toilets and urinals. Sometimes, sinks and water fountains can be restored using this same process. Bathroom acid washing will help to revive your restrooms and give them a “brand new” feel.

Hard water deposits can be incredibly difficult to the untrained cleaner.  Most building owners come to us in distress, wondering if they’ll have to pull out their old toilets and install new ones. Let Dallas TX Janitorial Services come to your aid with acid washing.

Hard water deposits are caused by minerals that are included in water.  When the toilet is flushed or a surface gets wet it leaves a light film of minerals. Dirt can easily attach to this film and then gets sealed in with the next flush of water, which creates another layer of film.  The process repeats itself and it can’t be cleaned or removed with ordinary toilet bowl cleaners. Our periodic restroom acid washing service is crucial to the cleanliness of restrooms.

This bathroom cleaning service is offered for free and goes together with our janitorial services in the Dallas metroplex. To get a free estimate for our restroom acid washing services or janitorial services in Dallas, TX give us a call today.