Five things to look for when choosing a janitorial service

No Contracts Required You do not want to be locked into a contract with your janitorial services provider and you don’t have to be. Almost all large franchises require 1 to 5 year contracts which renew automatically. If you are unhappy with their service and you decide to cancel, you must usually cancel exactly 30 days prior to your anniversary date by written letter. If you don’t get it in on time, then you’re locked in for another year. To cancel the contract, you must pay the remainder of the outstanding contract. This is a nice situation if you are the janitorial company, but not if you are the client. Look for a company that is confident enough in their quality of service not to require contracts. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee It’s always nice to know you’re not on the hook if the company you have chosen doesn’t work out. With a 30 day money back guarantee, if you’re not happy, then you don’t have to pay. Offers Good Value Having a little basic knowledge about the types of janitorial companies that are out there can give you some insight into how to get the best value. The smallest companies are more likely to get you the most competitive rate due to their low overhead costs. They, however, usually have very limited resources making them unable to handle mid-sized to large facilities. They are often not bonded and insured and they may not have properly trained and qualified staff. On the other end of the spectrum are the large franchise companies that require their franchisees to pay very large fees. These fees eat into the profit margins of the small offices who are paying them and force them to either pay their staff less or reduce the number of hours being performed at the location. This logically leads to a lower quality of work. Usually you will get the best value with a company that is somewhere between those two extremes. Takes care of their people It goes without saying that you don’t want to hire a janitorial services company that has an unhappy and unmotivated cleaning staff. Most of the time with the large franchises, this is the situation you will find yourself in. This is due to the large portion of profits that must be paid to the national brand name in the form of management fees, royalty fees, note payment, interest on the note payment, etc. Someone has to take the hit for this and it is usually the person who is doing the work. This inevitably results in lower quality work. Are they bonded and insured Things can go wrong. Make sure your Janitorial services company has their own insurance in case it does. It is also important that they are bonded in case of theft since general liability will not cover that. – See more at:

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